is specialised

in the successful conduction of scientific project.

For Funding Agencies


Third party funding is a cornerstone of today’s research activities, but often there is considerable lack of understanding between funding agencies and their funded projects. Administrative procedures such as reporting can be unclear, leading to tedious and superfluous communication. CESSMA, through its expertise in scientific project management, supports interaction between funding agencies and project partners by

  • sharing best practices with newcomers in the field of scientific management.
  • developing management practices tailored to the needs of funding agencies.
  • providing hands-on help and advice for change processes within research projects.
  • establishing a long-term knowledge base for scientific management.
  • finding solutions to harmonize project reporting according to requirements of funding agencies.
  • providing advice for the efficient usage of training money for vocational training.
  • facilitating exchange between funding agencies and state-of-the-art science.