Supports Science Management

Only well managed projects enable scientists to reach goals during a project's lifetime.


Individual Case Consulting

Do you have problems within your project that you cannot solve? Or are you facing challenges that would endanger the success of your project and require some advice? Is there this certain issues that comes up over and over again?

Our team of experts can help you to understand the core issue, to find suitable solutions and will support you in the process of application.

Support in Funding Applications

Are you planning to apply for research funds for your own position? Or are you working on a larger project proposal? Is the scope of the proposal and the objectives clear? Did you really think about the deliverables or did you just make something up?

Our experts on funding applications can help you to review and boost your project's application for national or EU funds.



Project Planning Support

Are you in charge of contributing to a project proposal? Or do you want to initiate a new research project, but have never done that before? Are project milestones or budget plans something you have not thought about before?

Our team of experts can support you by developing individual project structures, schedules and project milestones. We also assist you in stakeholder and risk analyses, project communication and project dissemination.

Project Consulting

Your project is already running, yet you are having difficulties to give visibility to your project? Is the first big meeting in sight and you would like to have some advice on how to plan a successful status meeting? Or is your project coming to an end, reporting time is approaching and there are many loose threads? Have synergies not yet evolved?

Our team of experts can help you on these and other project-related questions. Together, we will find the right solution for your issue and how to implement it. We can give advice on making meetings and conferences successful and how to foster synergies in interdisciplinary projects.